Top 8 Google Ranking Factor (Advance SEO)

Today is a good day for you. Because today I am going to share with you the top 8 Google ranking factor. Which is my entire two years of SEO experience . If you understand them carefully. So J shape will change in your blogging career.

Friends, when I was initially blogging. Then my focus was only on putting posts only. That was the feeling behind it. I used to think I will publish as many posts as possible. I will get visitors from all those articles. Due to which the traffic of my website will increase a lot.

But I was wrong. Honestly friends, I used to get frustrated every time, not traffic. The reason for this is, 2-3 times after publishing the post, when I used to search by putting my keyword in google. So far my article was not visible in the search engine result.

But as time went on, I knew everything. There are some things ahead of SEO and content optimization. Was not able to enter Maybe you will also be one of them. This is why your blog is not growing. But don’t worry. Read this article completely and you will understand all things. Because friends, when I worked on these factors. So believe me, many articles of my website are ranking today. Every day I am not getting much but I am getting some traffic and income too. And… a lot of people have started knowing me.

Friends, tell me one thing for your information. For ranking domain, Google algorithm has more than 200 ranking factors. Meaning google checks all these 200+ signals to rank a web page. But this is also a fact. It is not our duty to follow all the factors. That is why I have shared only the top 8 Google ranking factors here based on my 2 years of experience. Which will definitely benefit you.

I am writing this article with as much transparency. I hope You will be equally eager to read the article further and learn something new.

Top 7 Google Ranking Factors To Increase Website Ranking

1. Mobile friendly website

The website needs to be mobile friendly. Because more than 52% internet traffic comes from mobile. And if we talk about Hindi blogs. So about 80% of the traffic comes from mobile.

That is why the first thing you have to take care of. That your website should be optimized mobile phone. By the way, all the theme developers, while developing the theme, only make their theme mobile friendly. But still please confirm this once. Whether your website is mobile optimized or not. You can use Google mobile friendly test tool for this.

2. Loading speed

According to survey, 40% of such people are on the Internet. Which if a website does not open within 3 seconds. So they immediately leave the site and leave. If the same thing is done with, then if Amazon’s website gets delayed by 0.1 second. So they lose a whole 1% in sells. Thank you, this is for the big level, we are small site owners.

So friends, Google has officially announced. Key loading speed is one of the important ranking factor. The site which will open fast will rank at the top.

Friends! In order to stay on top of the competition, Google pays all its attention to the Better User Experience . And he would never want that. That they bring such a result to the top. Which does not open soon, but upon clicking, there is an icon show of round and round suffering. If this happens, then Google may have to suffer a lot due to bad user experience.

One more thing, no matter how high quality content we write. And also rank our site like this. So please believe the ranking of our site will drop within 48 hours. How would you think? Let’s understand it logically.

Suppose, a user does some query search on Google. And he clicks on the result with a number. In such a situation, if that result does not load quickly. Then the user will leave the post in a few seconds. In which case the result is at the top. There will be a lot of shortcomings in that website compared to ranking algorithms. Like first googlebots will see low loading speed. Second, the website opened half. But the user went back before reading anything. So Google will see it as a low quality content. And the third user did not read the clicked content properly. So how will the rest visit internal linking. Which will increase your bounce rate. As a result, the received ranking will also drop. Also your domain score will also be reduced.

That is why make the loading speed of your website fast.

3. Backlinks

I have already explained about backlinks . I will tell you anyway Having your own link on another domain or website. This is called backlink. If an article gets a link to another domain. This means that the article is maintained. So he has an authority. Google thinks so. ‘S other domain is promoting this article. So something special will happen in this result.

In simple words, backlink gets the link juice to the post. And the whole domain is the url of your blog. It gets authority, that is why it is very important for any blog to have high quality backlinks . Which rank the posts at the top in search engines. Also, the ranking of our domain slowly starts to boost.

4. Brand value

First of all I want to ask you questions. Suppose it is the season of Diwali. And all the vehicle companies in the market are offering strongly. People are searching on search engines like ” best Diwali offers on car “. Due to this keyword, the company is going to benefit from millions. But in the market, very big company websites are competing in google. Such as Mahindra, Hyundai, Maruti Suziki, etc.

Above all the company has the world’s top digital marketers and developers. Those who optimize their company’s website for SEO and user. Meaning there is no change in the results of these three by comparison. Everyone has done the same optimization. Now, whose result will Google rank?

So friends last google will see this. Konsa brand is big among all of them. Meaning cone is more popular. Google will analyze this thing from its database to see it. Which searches get more searches on brand name. Meaning who is searched more in all three of Mahindra, Hyundai, Maruti Suzuki.

You can use google trend to check brand value .

Brand value google ranking factor
Brand value

So you also make your domain so popular. People should enter your domain name directly and come to your site.

Google ranking factor

5. Bounce rate

It comes under user engagement. Bounce rate is that percentage of our site. In which a person who has gone to read only one page is counted.

Suppose if 100 visitors came to your site. Out of that, 70 people went back after reading only one page. So this means that the bounce rate of your blog was 70%. Which is not good. Actually for good ranking it is good to have a bounce rate within 60%.

6. Loyalty rate

I think so. The loyalty rate of our website defines the trust value, quality and authority of our website. How many of the total visitors of the previous month return this month. This is the loyalty rate.

Simply put, the returning visitor is the loyalty rate. Believe it friends, this is a very effective and important ranking factor. Because I have experienced. When, in google analytics, the loyalty rate reports every month. If our loyalty rate is increased in such a massage show. So on that day, the ranking of the post increases in a few hours.

7. SSL certificate

I have also experienced this. That when I enabled SSL certificate on my website. So within a few days the articles of my website gradually started coming on the rank.

Google also pays great attention to user security with user experience. That is why Google has officially announced this. It is mandatory to have https ie ssl enable in the key domain. Which is an important ranking factor in our algorithm. That is why enable SSL cirtificate on your website as soon as possible.

8. Dwell time

You will get a good dwell time only. When you have a high quality article on your site.

Basically, how long a user stays on top of your site. I mean, how long do users read your article. This is called dwell time.

You don’t have much for this Rather, make the content long, informative, interesting. So that the user keeps reading that article. The longer the dwell time of your article. Your result will rank at the same top.

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