What is Email Marketing?

There are many ways to promote in the market. We are going to get information about only one of them. In this post, what is Email Marketing? Everyone is going to get complete information about it. In the last post, we knew about digital marketing . friends! There are many ways to promote any small business. Email Marketing  is one of them. This is a very popular and effective marketing strateg y . That is why today we will know, what is email marketing?

Today no one is a company of any field. She uses email marketing to stay in touch with her users and customers. You too must have heard about it at some time. Or perhaps, your inbox will also be filled with mail for such promoting purpose. It can also be, if you are a blogger or marketer. Today’s issue is what is email marketing  and I will give you the answer to the question. That too in Hindi language.

What is Email Marketing?

Promote your business by taking the help of electronic mail for any business promotion or for the promotion of new products or information about the offer. Or to say in other words, using the email to attract people towards you (to generate traffic on website or blog.) This technique is called email marketing.

Initially it would be very difficult to bring traffic to the website or blog. On the other hand, it is very difficult for any startup business to increase sales. But, building a list of your customers and audience through email marketing is quite easy to promote your website. Above all, if a mail is sent to the visitor about any service from the company. So how professionally does that company do its work, it is also known.

It is not necessary that who are you and what is your business related to. Every type of orginzation has to use email marking. For example, if I want to give some examples of this, then you must have used facebook. So suppose we do not open fb account for some time. So we get notification emails from facebook . For example, XYZ you have three new friends request today or today is abc’s birthday. So when we read that mail, we have a great excitement. To know who has sent us the friend request. So we immediately login to our account. So what did Facebook do? You sent a notification in the mail and marketing by email and attracted the users as your platform. As such, traffic also came to his site. Also user engagementAlso encouraged.

Let’s see an example of an e-commerce website right now. Have you ever shopped online? Amazon is far ahead in this competition. Whenever someone opens an account on amazon. So while providing the account, he provides his basic information. This is why Amazon collects a lot of mail id  . So from the same time, that person is given an email update from Amazon when new offers or products are launched. This keeps the users informed.

Why so far? You can also see the email subscription form on our blog . So if any of our visitors signup that newsletter . Then, like we write a new post. So send them an update via email.

How is email marketing done?

Friends! We do email marketing? Taking information about this subject. I will tell you in next post how it is done. But, I give you the whole idea. How this entire process or system is done.

1. Step: – First of all we have to decide why we have to do email marketing? Meaning we have to decide whether we have to promote a new startup or just bring traffic to the website. So, what kind of content do we have to write in the mail or which audience is targeted. Its planning needs to be prepared well in advance. So that our work becomes easy next.

2. Step: – Now in the second stage, we have to do list building . That is, we have to collect emails. So, further, we can send emails to each one. To collect emails, you must have a blog or website. After that, you can collect mail id in two ways. One, we can put the newsletter form in the widget. Or the easiest way is to give a facility to comment visitors under your article. In this way, we will have id along with name of the dice.

3. Step: – After  just two stops, we will have a lot of email list stores. Now sending emails should start. but how? Sending mail manually to so many subscribers is quite a difficult task. So you only think how this can be done. Friends! For email marketing tools is used. It can also be called software. These are tools like this. Using this, we can easily run a campaign.

Meaning, by designing a good template in this tools, we can send an email to all the subscribers simultaneously by adding a link to the new post in it. That too with his name. The front when the email reads. So he feels as if he has been sent by writing only. However, it is done with the help of all process tools. This is a list of some of the top email marketing software below.

Benefits of Email Marketing

  • You can promote any new business very easily.
  • Email marketing can bring huge amount of traffic to the blog.
  • You can update the audience about new product information and special offers.
  • Our professional level is understood by email marketing.
  • We can provide customer support by email.


Finally, today we saw What is Email Marketing? I hope You must also have liked the article today as usual. If you have any question at any point mentioned in the post, then you can ask and comment below. I will try to answer your question as soon as possible

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