How to create a blog:

If you are a beginner and want to start a blog for you. I have summarized the whole process into a few steps to make it easy for beginners. create an amazing blog for absence.

There are six steps to create a blog:

  • Choose the name of the blog.
  • Register the blog and buy web hosting for it.
  • Personalize your blog by selecting a free template.
  • Write something related to your blog and publish it.
  • Work hard to drive more traffic to your site-start marketing your blog to promote.
  • Monetize your blog by selecting the earning method you want.

1) Choose the blog name:

Finding a niche is essential before getting started a blog. And when you decide what niche youa™ll choose, then you can select the name of the blog easily. If you are confused about your topic, you should follow the following to clear it.create an amazing blog

  • The world is covered with people with so many different interests. Some like cooking, others travel and some fashion, sports, or beauty. There are millions of topics to start with. But first, you need to think which topic are you interested in. For example, if you love cars, you can start a blog name with something related to cars.
  • If you have got some experience from your life and you think you have so much to share with people, you can start a blog related to it. For example, you are a teacher at school; you can share a lot of stories that happened in-between you and the students, you or the principle, with other staff. It will drive the interest of other teachers to read your blogs.
  • The name of the blog must be descriptive, so the audiences know from the title what your blog is about. For example, if you want to run a blog of cars, so your blog name must contain the word Automotivea™ Vehicles’ which clearly shows it must be something related to the car.
  • If you have decided the name of your blog, then the next step is to choose the domain extension. .com domain extension is the most recommended to choose. There are other extensions such as .net or .org, which also work well as compare to others. After deciding the blog name and domain extension, now you will register the domain name, but you have to check if someone else has already taken it or not. You can check it through any domain name site where you’ll register the name, maybe HostGator or Name Cheap. If your domain name and extension is already taken, then you can try other extensions with the same name such as .org or .net

2) Get Blog hosting and software:

Now ita™s time to bring your blog online so that people will be able to read your blogs. You must get blog hosting and blog software to do so. There are companies, which save all the files that you upload and when one wants to reach you out, the company allow them to get access to you. You need to build your blog, which can be done through software which maybe WordPress. For blog hosting, you can buy it from Bluehost where you can get registered the blog name for free. Moreover, you can install WordPress for free if you purchase with it.

2) Personalize your blog:

Login into the Bluehost and it will take you to the Bluehost Portal. There you get access to the WordPress and you can automatically connect your blog with it. Now you can control your blog from WordPress whether you want to polish content or change your blog design. Click on the Themesâ™ from the appearancea tab on the left menu in the WordPress. You can activate the theme from there whichever you like, and you change the entire design of your blog.

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3) Create content and publish it:

Your blog is empty, and it needs engaging materials from you. You will select ‘’Post’’ from the left menu on the WordPress. You can give the title of your post and then start creating content in the lower box. You can add images to the post by clicking on  Add Imagea and then upload it. To publish it, you will click on the Publisha™ option on the top right side of the page.

4) Start promoting your content:

Now it’s time to drive traffic to you blog if you want to make a good income out of it. For this, you need to promote your content and people will come to your site to read your blog and that’s how you will get more readers with time. You can promote your website through social media channels or other marketing strategies.

5) Monetize your blog:

Now it’s time to monetize your site if you want to make earnings from your blog. It’s not as fast to get started earning in the first month, it takes time to get traffic and start earning. Your blog needs your commitment and dedication at the start to make earnings. There are several ways to monetize your blog such as AdSense, PPC etc.create an amazing blog

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