The biggest problem of any blogger after creating a blog and writing some articles on the blog is how to do SEO for the blog so that the organic traffic can come to our blog.

In this very special post today, I am going to tell you how to do SEO , Top 10 evergreen SEO tips, after which you can easily get organic traffic by making your blog article SEO friendly.

Until some time back, BacklinkIng used to have a huge hand in ranking blog article in Google, but after the new update in Google’s Spider, the importance of Backlink has not diminished but in the way backlink was made earlier. Google now considers many methods wrong.

Like form submission, web2.0 and directory submission, all these methods now catch the spiders of Google quickly and can also give penalty to your blog.

Now first of all you have to keep the quality of your content very high. Whatever topic you are writing about, you will have to tell people with complete information, only then you can rank on the first page of Google.

Apart from quality content, there are many things that you have to do to get organic traffic through Google to your blog, so let’s talk about them.

How to do SEO for a Blog, Top 10 evergreen SEO Tips

Tip # 1: Setup SEO Tools and Plugins

After buying domain and hosting, after installing WordPress, when you create a blog on WordPress, then you must first install 3 SEO tools and plugins.

Google search console

With the help of google search console you can submit your blog to Google’s list from where your blog article starts showing in Google’s result page. Google search console is a platform of Google where you can create your website Or submit a blog. With this, you can track the performance of your blog from the Google Search Console like which keywords of your blog are currently ranking at the top.

Also, you can find out what issues are coming up on your blog related to technical SEO. Like which article has not been indexed yet.

Google Analytics

With Google Analytics , you can analyze your blog traffic. How much traffic comes to your blog every day, from where or from which channel it comes from Google or from social media. Also from Google Analytics, you can also find out which article is getting the most traffic on your article.

Setup yoast SEO Plugin on WordPress blog

How to SEO Blog

After creating a blog on WordPress, from the point of view of SEO , you must set up to install yoast SEO Plugin . With the help of yoast SEO Plugin , you can do on-page SEO of your blog much better.

The yoast SEO Plugin gives you all the indications that come under your on page SEO .

Tip # 2: Select the keywords that your users are searching on Google

The first step of SEO is to choose a right keyword . By the right keywords, I mean searching for a keyword which is being searched by more and more people on Google. So that you write an article targeting that keyword and when Google indexes it and your article comes to the first page of Google, then all those people will come to your blog through the link of your article and your traffic will increase.

When you want to write an article about a topic, first search on that topic on Google and without pressing enter you will see that Google itself shows some sentences or phrases related to your topic, these are the same phrases that people from your topic Searching on Google.

So you can select any of these for the main keyword of your article, like if I want to write an article about SEO, then I go to Google and write how to do SEO and without pressing enter I see that Google itself starts giving me many suggestions, I can make any of them my main keyword.

Apart from this, when you see in the last result of Google’s result page, then there is also how to do Searches related to SEO, you can see from here also you get the same keywords that people are searching on Google.

Apart from this, you can also use neilpatel’s free keyword research tool ubbersugget to search keywords for free. ubbersugget so you at best because on volume of keywords about and how CPC is also much competition is going to know all |

Tip # 3: Keyword Use Right on Blog

After researching the keyword, it is the turn to use the keyword in the right place on the article of your blog and also where it is needed.

Now I am going to tell you a few points below where you have to use keywords so that Google spiders understand which article about me and then rank it on Google.

Title Tag or meta descriptions

Your main keyword must be used in the title tag and meta description of your blog article. Because title and meta description is visible in Google’s list. Therefore , it is very important to have keywords in title and meta description from SEO point of view.

Use main keyword in first and last paragraph

Also, use your main keyword in the first and last paragraph.

use main keyword in article URL

Make sure to use your main keyword in the article’s URL as well and try to always keep the article’s URL short.

Tip #4: Find and fix Technical SEO Problem

How to SEO Blog

Technical SEO is also a big contributor to your blog’s Google ranking, so you should always keep checking your blog’s SEO.

Now it comes to how you can know what is the technical problem on your blog, Google search console can help you do this. Whenever you go to Google search console , there is a coverage option on the left side. Which tells you what are the issues on your blog as well as how you can fix them. For example, some of your pages are such that Google is unable to index for some reason or you have not setup your blog robot.txt file correctly. So you get all this information from there.

Make your blog mobile friendly

In today’s time you know that everybody uses mobile more and most people do not have a computer system or laptop, but mobile is definitely on which you can see your articles and if your blog is open in mobile properly do not be or if her article having trouble with me to read you may take too much damage because its mobile friendly Jru the design blog Create |

And if your blog is responsive means that navigates easily in the mobile device, then you have a lot of postive effect in SEO.

Improve your blog loading speed

There is a very important thing for the SEO of your blog, that is how much time your blog is open. This is a very big factor for the SEO of your blog. So always use image only by compressing your blog and use only those plugins which are very important.

Tip # 5: create High quality content

In today’s world of Internet, the king is the one whose content is of very high quality. If you give information about any topic to the user in a completely accurate and simple way, then you do not even need to do SEO, you will definitely come on top of Google, if not today. Because people will also read your content, so that Google will understand that people are spending a lot of time by visiting your post, as well as sharing your content, then this content is definitely very helpful, then Google automatically makes that article at the top Gets the show done.

Tip# 6: Create high quality Backlink

After doing a good on page SEO on the article of your blog, you need to create a high quality backlink because sometimes it happens that the topic on which you wrote the article is written and the blogger has also written the article. If you search anything on Google, then Google shows you how many results of the same query.

To make the article complete SEO friendly, you have to make high quality Backlink for it.

And how you can make high quality ‘backlink at today’s time, I am telling you below.

Guest Posting

The most popular and accurate way to make your blog a high quality backlink is to write an article on the blog related to the topic of your blog and add a link to your blog or your blog article there. But keep in mind that whatever blog you are writing an article on, it should be related to your topic first and if the value of the domain authority on Google is very good, then when you get backlink from it, it will be very strong backlink.

Use Infographics

You can also show your content through image and design and then you can add a link to your blog article there by submitting that design to infographics sites. This way you also get dofollow backlink .

Tip # 7: Promote your blog on social media too

At today’s time, you know that people use social media ie Facebook, Instagram, or more after Google, and spend more than half of their time on these. So you should also create pages on all social media platforms to promote your blog and share your articles there daily.

Not only will you get good traffic for your blog on social media, but Google will also give good ranking to your blog because now Google also sees how much people like the content of this blog on social media.

Tip # 8: Update your old article

I have seen that many bloggers who make this mistake do not update their old article. Because when you are writing about any topic, there is an evergreen topic. But after some time, some more new updates come on that topic. So you should always update your old article, Google also notices this.

Tip#9: Create Content regular Basis

To rank on Google, you have to keep writing regular articles on your blog. Also it is very important to keep the content of high quality. When you write a regular article, it has a good impact on your user. Which Google also notices.

Tip#10: Keep Passions

If you want to succeed in the world of blogging, then it is very important to know about two things, one is that you will always have to keep learning something or the other so that you can keep updating your blog by bringing something new to your user. Attract

The second thing you will learn Passions So do Blogigang start which is very important in the blogging world, because when you start you can not even earn you the traffic does not come when you Passions require too much storage |

And also how to do SEO of the blog, you can know it well only when you practice continuously.

Final Words

I sincerely hope that you have already understood how to do SEO from this post of mine. If you have any suggestion or question about our blog or post, then you can tell me by commenting.

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