Technical SEO – Complete Guide

If you have just entered the world of online marketing and search engine optimization. So I will recommend you. That you learn small things. Today we are going to learn a very important SEO technique.

Many people rate it by reading and listening to this “technical” name. Of course, this is not a critical and complicated task. That is why, let me first tell the clear. No! There is absolutely no such thing. This is just a search engine optimization technique. Due to which we help the search engine to understand our blog properly and crawling. Look at the same angle. So with technical SEO we increase the user experience of our blog. As such, the chances of our blog ranking on the search engine increases.

What is technical SEO

This is part of a search engine optimization. Due to which we can optimize our website more thoroughly. General technical SEO is a combination of on-page and off-page optimization. Like, after publishing a content by optimizing the search engine accordingly. Bots of Googlebot or any other search engine are used. Let’s index it in search results by crawling it. So to complete this process and help crawling botes to reach our page without interruption. This is called technical seo.

If there is a dead link in our website or blog. Which is also called broken link. So when a visitor clicks on that dead and broken link. So on which page he has to go. He does not know that which leads to bad user experience. The same searchboats are crawling such a page. So when they find such broken links in a page. So 404 error occurs in webmaster tool. Which means that botes got hindered from page to page crawling and suffering. Due to which if any post is updated. And if there is such a broken link, then its rank drops with fire. The same if any newly published web page has such problem. Then its value decreases. And in return, that webpage ranks far away. So there should be no such problem. That is why technical optomization is done.

Technical SEO guide

1. Website loading speed 

Do you know this fact If any website takes more than 2.5 second to load. So 80% of the users page makes quite a lot. The same website like Amazon also delays 100ms. So there is loss of 2% of their revenue.

4. Duplicate content – 

This is a very common error in webmaster tool. But this can lead to huge loss in ranking. Jarsel means duplicate content. That the two different posts have some similarity  in the title, meta description and some part of the content . So the wemaster tool gives it a flag of duplicate content.

This is mostly the same and more than one post on the same topic; The index of tags and category is caused by, or because of, copyrighet content. Which is search engine confuse. Which content is original. And someone should rank.

5. Https redirection –

Today there is a big trend of security in the world of internet. That is why it is mandatory to enable ssl cirtificate on your site. From the top, Google also gives us repeated messages through search console and adsense. It is very important to redirect the ssl site to https. Above all, they have officially announced as well. That, we see https enabled as ranking factor.

Google Chrome browser for the website that without SSL certificate from 20l7 Not Secure is up and running this tag. Now we have to take care of this from the perspective of technical SEO. That, if SSL is enabled on the site. So it is very important. Of, the domain http to https must be redirected properly. There should be no error there. Also some pages are loading with http and some pages with https. It can also prove fatal.

6. Mobile friendly website

Like I said above, there is a trend of security on the internet today. Similarly, the number of mobile users is very high. For your information, about 60-70% of users come from user mobile on google.

All expertes and big companies believe that. The upcoming era is going to be for mobile users. So for such a big market place, we should be prepared from now.

This is very important. That, your website should be mobile friendly. If it is not. So your website will never rank. And no matter how much you do seo. Not going to be of any use.

There is a very simple trick for this. That you use the mobile friendly theme. Some themes are already mobile optimized. If you have to check your website already mobile friendly. So you can take help of this google test tool . The second is if there is such a part. Which is not optimized for the mobile user. So you hide it. Or use css code to adapt it for mobile screen.

7. Broken links

I have covered it a lot in the beginning. But still I would like to tell it again. Broken links means those links. Those who do not exist That is, clicking on that link, the user goes to the 404 not found page.

Biggest thing, loading speed of google ranking factors matters a lot. google has officially announced That the website loading sooner than 3 second will rank well.

2. Make sure the website is crawlable –

The first basic step is this. That your blog should be submitted in googles search console or any other webmaster tool. Only then any webmaster will be able to index your site in the search engine.

After that you check this. Is your blog being indexed by google? I mean after publishing post, are they coming in search result or not? For this you check by putting a keyword like “site:” in google . The result that will come before you. You can guess with that. By entering such a keyword, I mean we know this thing. Of all the posts we have published, how many have been indexed in the search engine.

technical SEO

If there is no more difference than submitted and indexed numbers. So there is no reason to worry. But if there is much difference. So once you do, the search console has done the section of crawl error .

3 . Robots.txt – 

The name itself shows. This is a simple text file. Which we write in notepad. But only its extension is simple. In fact, it is an important part of any blog. Through this, we can tell this to the webmaster. The which part has to be indexed and which part has to be indexed. Meaning we have to give this permission to its search engine. Which part is to be scanned and not which one.

This is very important. Because our blog has such sensetive parts. Which we do not want to bring in search results. So that the blog remains confidential. Secondly, the category and tags of the blog should never be indexed. This causes the problem of duplicate content. Due to which the ranking is also taken.

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