Instagram now allows the editing and pinning of messages in Direct Messaging inboxes in 2024.


Instagram Direct Messaging Updated 2024
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Instagram Direct Messaging Updated 2024: Instagram Gains Direct Message Editing, Pinned Chats and More

Instagram Direct Messaging Updated 2024

Instagram Update Their messaging features in 2024. Users on Instagram can edit messages, pin chats, customize read receipts, and use personalized themes.

Meta Instagram Key Update 2024

  • Now Users can edit messages within 15 every of sending them.
  • Users can pin up to three chats 
  • Now inbox is better organized and private.
  • New features include saving favorite stickers
  • Users can reply with various media
  • personalizing chats with themes.

Meta has announced new features for Instagram’s Direct Messaging (DM) platform to enhance user experience and foster better connections.

New updates let you edit messages, pin chats, toggle read receipts, save favorite stickers, and personalize chats with new themes.

Now Users can edit messages within 15 every of sending them.

You’ll be thrilled to hear about the latest update! We’ve introduced message editing, which means you can now edit your messages within a 15-minute window after sending them. Say goodbye to awkward typos and embarrassing autocorrects. This feature will give you peace of mind and make messaging even more convenient. Don’t miss out on this game-changing update!

Pin Up to Three Chats For Easy Access

Instagram’s new feature allows you to pin up to three group or one-on-one chats to the top of your inbox for quick access. Simply swipe left or tap and hold on to the chat, then select “pin.” You can unpin the chat at any time.

Enhanced Sticker & Reply Options

Instagram now allows users to save their favorite stickers in direct messages (DMs) for easy access. To save a sticker, press and hold it. Users can also reply to messages using stickers, GIFs, videos, photos, and voice messages. To reply to a message, press and hold the message and select “reply.”

In Summary

New features in 2024 are available on Instagram to improve messaging. Check them out to connect better, express yourself, and organize your inbox.

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Instagram Direct Messaging Updated 2024

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